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Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding

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Breast Shells 2-Pack

A breast shell to protect irritated nipples and promote breast healing Low-profile design is..

Ex Tax: AED46.67

Breastmilk Storage Bottles - (250ML - Pack of 2)

Medela Breastmilk Bottles are specially suited to the needs of mother and child. Your baby is not ex..

Ex Tax: AED55.00

CityStyle Breastpump Bag

The ideal solution for active mothers: We have developed a system so you can keep your expressed b..

Ex Tax: AED285.00

Disposable Breast Pads Oval (Pack of 30)

A discreet, absorptive layer of confidence for every breastfeeding momEffectively absorbs nipple moi..

Ex Tax: AED33.33

Harmony Manual Breastpump

light. convenient. clever. The popular Harmony is the only manual breastpump worldwide that is b..

Ex Tax: AED235.00

Medela - Freestyle Breastpump Set

All-in-one. Innovative. Time-saving. Medela's Freestyle Electric Portable Breast Pump With Calma..

Ex Tax: AED2,100.00

Medela SoftFeeder

For babies with breastfeeding difficulties, the SoftFeeder™ is a great ally for moms.  The spec..

Ex Tax: AED175.00

Mini Electric Breastpump

compact. handy. proven. We benefit from our long years of experience in the field of breastpumps..

Ex Tax: AED449.00

Nipple Formers - (2 Pieces)

Breastfeeding problems because of flat or inverted nipples? The Medela Nipple Former gently prep..

Ex Tax: AED75.00

Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags - (Pack of 20)

The new Medela Pump & Save Breastmilk Bags are safe and convenient for collecting, storing and f..

Ex Tax: AED98.00

Purelan 100 Tube - 37gr

Breastfeeding problems because of sensitive or dry nipples? If you experience breastfeeding prob..

Ex Tax: AED48.00

Swing Breastpump

Comfortable. Silent. Efficient. Express milk quietly and discreetly - The Swing electric Breastpum..

Ex Tax: AED745.00

Swing Maxi Breastpump

highly efficient. comfortable. quick. The new compact double electric breastpump Swing maxi is per..

Ex Tax: AED1,279.00

Valve & Membrane -Blister Pack

Valve & Membrane, Retail Blister Replacement valves and membranes for the Harmony, Mini Electr..

Ex Tax: AED30.00

Washable Bra Pads - (Pack of 4)

For minimal breastmilk leakage - Washable Bra Pads! Our Washable Bra Pads are The material is thin..

Ex Tax: AED60.00